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Here’s what teachers who participated in the Student Eco Citizenship Project had to say about their experience:

“We had a great learning experience. What’s really neat is to see the impact the lessons, research, and learning had on the students. They continue to share what they did at home that was more environmentally friendly.”

“This project has been a wonderful addition to my curriculum. The area of environmental awareness had not been addressed in earlier years as well as it has the last two years. It impresses me how some of my students have developed a real interest in taking action to help the environment!”

“I was truly impressed with how inspired my class was to help the environment after completing this project. The beginning lessons were challenging for them but once we got started on the project they couldn’t get enough! They would beg to work on their projects and were disappointed if we weren’t able to work on them.”

“I sat down and read the teacher program packet today. I am quite impressed with the alignment to the CCSS as well as the high level of interest the reading contains. Well done!”



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