The Foundation for Impact on Literacy and Learning (formerly known as the USA TODAY Charitable Foundation) is an IRS tax-exempt 501c3 organization that has developed and executed cross curricular educational programs and resources for schools since 2003. The foundation operates as a supporting foundation to the International Literacy Association. As a worldwide advocate for excellence in literacy instructions, ILA actively participates in advancing thought  leadership for the literacy profession and shaping sound public policy on education. 

The Foundation for Impact on Literacy and Learning (now known as FILL) was founded  as a public charity with the mission to bring excellent programming to educators and students nationally. For years, the foundation has continued to reach millions of students with robust programming ranging from financial literacy, global citizenship, STEM, leadership, literacy and more. Donors are major corporations, financial institutions, government agencies and public and private charities.  Current programming engages students in all 50 states and across the curriculum.

FILL supports and builds alliances that enhance innovative, instructional programs and community engagement by providing the resources to promote learning opportunities. We welcome participation in efforts to engage, enlighten and inspire today’s students and educators by opening their classrooms to the world. 

The foundation seeks funding from foundations, private companies and organizations to help provide educational cross-curricular programs for elementary and secondary schools. We have successfully developed and executed project based learning programs to integrate classroom learning with real world experience.  

FILL works with interested parties to collaborate on the creation of educational programming and outreach that meets the mission and goals for respective companies or organizations.

Please contact us if you would like further information. We welcome the opportunity to take your corporate social responsibility or charity mission into the classroom to raise a new generation of aware and responsible students. We welcome programs that might be strengthened by employee engagement elements.

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